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What Does Insurance Cover?

Whatever it is you worry about, we’ve got the insurance coverage and advice to keep you fearless. 
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Find the Right Insurance Policy to Cover What You Worry About

Whatever your dreams are, whatever you need to protect — American Family is here to keep you fearless. Because with the right coverages in place, you can confidently move forward knowing we’re here helping you protect what matters most.
Wondering why your car insurance rate increased? Well it all starts with where your premium goes once you pay your insurance company when you pay your premium it goes into a bucket of money
that holds the premium of everyone who is insured by the insurance company. When a customer gets into an accident, your insurance company will use those funds to help cover costs for things like
vehicle repairs or rental reimbursements. When there are lots of claims you might see an increase in your premium because the insurance company needs to cover all of the claims being filed but that's not the only reason why your premium may increase other factors such as the rising cost of repairs and health care can impact your premiums and even though you can't always prevent a rate increase,
you can save on auto insurance fight maintaining a good driving record, bundling your auto and home insurance together, paying your bill in full and taking advantage of the available discounts. At American Family Insurance, we do our best to keep insurance costs low, while still providing dependable coverage and excellent service connect with an agent to get the protection and support you need.

Insurance Coverage for Your Home

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Storm Damage

Worried about storm damage? Stay protected with the right coverage.
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Water Damage

Water damage is common concern among homeowners. We've got a policy for that.
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Appliance Damage

Learn how your home insurance protects your appliances from the unexpected. 
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Stay fearless with a policy that protects your home & belongings from fire.
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Insurance Coverage for Your Car

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Car Accidents

You do what you can to stay safe on the road. Let your policy do the rest.
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Storm Damage to My Car

Your garage isn't the only way to protect your vehicle. Here's how the right coverage can help, too.
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Car Getting Totaled

What happens if your insurance company declared your car totaled? Let us walk you through it.
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Car Theft

Worried about car theft? Your policy is a security system you can count on.
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Add Additional Insurance Coverages

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Considering a life insurance policy? Check out this article that dives into what life insurance is an how it works.
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Protect your business, employees, and customers with a business / commercial insurance policy.
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A lot can happen out on the water. Protect your boat against the unexpected. Learn more about what's covered with boat insurance.
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ID Theft Coverage

Identity theft is scary, but with American Family Insurance, you can recover your identity quickly.
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