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Your Ultimate Post-move Checklist

Updated March 7, 2022 . AmFam Team

After moving into a new apartment, you’ve got a lot to do. Stay organized with our ultimate post-move checklist. You’ll have a better perspective on how to prioritize tasks in those busy days after a move.

Moving to a new apartment can be overwhelming, but with a little strategy and know how, you can get things done ahead of time and make things a lot easier on yourself. And we’re here to help. We’ve put together a post-move checklist to help you organize your move and get your new apartment feeling like home in no time at all.

Set Up Utilities Before You Move

In the weeks before you relocate, contact the utility companies on either side of your move and get them details on your move date. Here’s a list of groups you’ll need to contact:

  • Electric company
  • Water provider
  • Gas company
  • Internet provider
  • Cable TV provider

If you find that the utilities are working upon moving in to your new place, be sure to contact the utility and verify that they’re in your name. Remember to get in touch with the building superintendent, landlord or property manager and ask about how you shut off the electricity, water and gas in the event of an emergency. Don’t forget to ask them about where to park and how to access your parking spot.

Find Your Priority Boxes

When packing for the big day, set aside a few boxes that travel with you, or are designated “important” if they’re sent with the movers. In them, put items that you’ll need right away, like a shower curtain, linens for your bed, toiletries and cleaning supplies.

If you’re traveling with kids, have them pack a priority box that’s full of their favorite toys, clothes and other fun things to keep them occupied. Have them find their box and carefully unpack those things while you’re managing everything else. Pack key boxes with brightly colored packing tape. That way, when you’re sorting through everything, you’ll know which boxes to open first to get your place up and running efficiently.

Unpack According to Your Needs

If you work from home, you’ll probably want to get your office up and running ASAP. If all you really need is a table for your laptop and your printer, think about making a temporary workspace where you can get the job done until everything’s unpacked.

Hire Professional Movers That Will Unpack

Moving can be stressful. If you’ve got your hands full with kids or you’ll be busy settling into a new job, the idea of unpacking can add to your stress. When you hire movers, inquire about their unpacking services. They’ll help you get the essentials out of the boxes and into your kitchen cabinets and can assist mounting art, mirrors and flat screen TVs on the walls. With your security deposit on the line if your space gets damaged, it makes good sense to work with a licensed and bonded group.

Consider services offered by TaskRabbit or . They’ll provide help for things like running errands and watching the kids — and all of it can be coordinated through their app.

Invite Friends and Family to Help

In the weeks before you move, don’t forget to schedule your local contacts for a few hours of time to help you get settled. Just having an extra set of hands to pick up food from local grocery stores, wrangle the kids or get them out to the park can be a real gift. Offer to return the favor when they need a hand in the future (and order a pizza to share with them when they return).

Contact Your Banks and Credit Card Companies

If you’ve moved to another state, it’s really important that you inform your financial institutions in advance of your move and update your address. Remember to inform them of your moving day. If you don’t they may place a hold on your account when they find unexpected purchases made in a different state.

Get in touch with your magazine subscriptions and meal delivery services and let them know you’ve moved. If you haven’t filed for a change of address with the United States Postal Service, you should do that now, too. Either go online or head over to your local post office and fill out the forms.

Consider Installing a Smart Home Security System

Pick up a smart home security system to protect everything you’ve worked so hard for. Products like ADT's smart home security allow you to manage your security settings through your smartphone, affording you real-time access to the state of your rental wherever you are.

Pick up Renters Insurance

When you sign a lease, you promise to return the rental property in just about the same condition that you found it in. But if you damage the place, you could be responsible for paying thousands to get it restored. For a few dollars a month, you can get renters coverage that helps to protect your finances if you’re found responsible for a covered loss.

Protect Your Identity

Your social security number can be vulnerable when you move. If possible, pack sensitive documents containing this data yourself — and keep them secure at all times during transit.

Adding a policy protecting against identity theft can be a good idea. Our identity theft coverage helps protect you from the high costs related to restoring your identity if it’s been compromised. Having this coverage means you’ll have someone by your side every step of the recovery process to help make the process simpler, quicker and less expensive.

Check in With Your Agent

After moving into a new apartment, remember to contact your American Family Insurance agent (Opens in a new tab) and learn about your renters insurance options. In addition to finding you the right coverage, They’re experts at helping you save on your premiums. Ask about the savings you receive by going paperless and accessing your insurance details through My Account or our award-winning MyAmFam app.

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