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Umbrella Insurance for Added Protection

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What is umbrella insurance?

An umbrella policy provides an extra layer of liability protection when you’ve exhausted your other policies' limits. It helps cover outstanding costs to protect your finances and keep your dreams alive.*
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Your Pet Accidentally Injures Someone

Suppose your dog runs off and crashes into a bicyclist. The rider is seriously injured with medical bills exceeding the limits of your primary liability coverage. Umbrella insurance helps cover the remaining medical expenses and repairs up to your coverage limits.
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You Cause an ATV Collision

While ATV riding with friends, you accidentally hit another rider. It causes thousands of dollars in damages, exceeding your ATV policy's liability limits. In that case, your umbrella insurance can help cover the difference up to its limit. 
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Your Spouse Causes an Accident

Your partner accidentally hits the gas pedal instead of the brake resulting in an injury and serious property damage. When your auto coverage runs out, your umbrella policy can help with the rest of the damages and hospital bills.
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Benefits of Multi-Policy Insurance

Organize and access all your policies with the MyAmFam app. Save money with our bundling and multi-policy discounts.** 

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What does umbrella insurance cover?

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    Bodily Injury Liability
    Suppose you cause a serious car accident, and the medical expenses total $700,000, but your auto coverage limit is $500,000. You would be responsible for the remaining $200,000 out of pocket. Having a $1 million umbrella policy would cover the balance.*
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    Property Damage Liability
    If, during that serious car accident, you cause damage to multiple vehicles, and the resulting damage goes above your auto policy limit, your umbrella insurance may cover the difference (up to your umbrella policy limit).*
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    Personal Injury Offenses
    If you post false information about someone online, they could sue you for defamation of character. Having umbrella coverage can help pay for any costs resulting from the lawsuit. This means any settlement or costs related to your defense, including attorney’s fees, may be covered.*
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    Landlord Liability
    Suppose a tenant is injured on your rental property due to something you, as the landlord, are held liable for. In that case, your umbrella insurance can cover the tenant’s injuries and loss of wages above your primary insurance for the rental property (up to the Umbrella policy limit).*
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    Defense Costs
    Your umbrella liability policy can cover your attorney fees and other related costs if you are sued due to an accident you caused.*

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