Miles My Way Troubleshooting

How to Connect Your MilesMyWay Sensor

To start earning your savings, you'll need to download the MyAmFamDrive app on your phone and pair your sensor(s) to the app. Follow these step-by-step instructions to start saving:

Troubleshooting Tips

Download the app

Download the MyAmFamDrive App

Before connecting your sensor(s), make sure you:

  • Download the MyAmFamDrive app
  • Ensure your Bluetooth is enabled on your phone

You should've received text message invite to download the MyAmFamDrive app.

You can also download the app:

Apple Store  text

MilesMyWay Sensor Set Up


Step 1

Open the MyAmFamDrive app. Tap on One or more unlinked vehicles at the top of the screen.

Step 2

Tap 'link sensor' for the vehicle you will place the sensor in. If you have multiple vehicles enrolled in MilesMyWay you’ll need to complete this process for each sensor/vehicle combination.

Step 3

Follow the instructions until your phone recognizes the MilesMyWay sensor. A pop-up will ask you to “Confirm” that the sensor light is now blinking.

Step 4

That’s it! If you’ve connected your sensor correctly, you’ll see a Sensor ID associated with the vehicle. You can verify this by tapping the “Vehicles” link on the confirmation screen or accessing ‘Vehicles and Sensors’ from the “More” tab.

If you have multiple vehicles enrolled in MilesMyWay you’ll need to complete this process for each sensor/vehicle combination.

MilesMyWay Troubleshooting

Installing sensor

Where should you install the sensor in your vehicle?

Your final step is to install the sensor inside your vehicle. We recommend placing it in a spot inside your windshield that won't obstruct your view.

Examples include:

  • On the driver’s side, in the lower corner of the windshield near your dash
  • The top of your windshield near your rearview mirror
  • Another solid surface inside your vehicle

To install the sensor, peel off the adhesive strips on the back of your sensor and press firmly in your chosen spot.

Here’s a refresher on how MilesMyWay helps you take more control of what you pay for insurance.

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