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Rotation Development Program

There are two tracks in the program: General Business and Technology. Participants within each track will rotate through assignments within the core areas and have an opportunity to select a role outside of their track to provide a well-rounded view of the Enterprise and build their skill sets.
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Rotation Development Program

American Family’s Rotation Development Program is a two-year program providing recent college graduates a breadth of experiences and a well-rounded view of the enterprise. Participants go through four rotation assignments, each lasting six months, that build on their technical and leadership skills and prepare them for future roles within the organization.

Core Rotation Assignment Areas

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General Business

Business Development, Claims, Data Analytics, Finance, Marketing, Product Management/Development, Risk Management, Sales, Underwriting

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Data Science/Management, Cloud Technologies, IT Security, Architecture and Infrastructure Support

Why try a rotation experience?

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Develop Your Skills

Develop and build valuable career-boosting relationships, leadership skills, and technical skills.

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Receive mentorship and professional development customized to you.

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Acquire a broad understanding of the insurance industry.

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Grow with Your Peers

Grow alongside a group of like-minded, career-driven peers.

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Why join the American Family team?

  • Stand proud to make a difference as part of a purpose-driven company
  • Feel heard and valued in our diverse, inclusive culture
  • Fight for our planet as part of our industry-leading sustainability efforts
  • Work on your own terms with flexible schedules and arrangements

We Are Looking for Students Who Are:


Highly Driven

We are focused and passionate in driving the actions that will move our business forward

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Passionate & Inclusive

We encourage and embrace the power of diverse ideas formed through unique experiences and backgrounds



We proactively seek to transform our business in new and meaningful ways


Share Core Values

We believe that how we treat one another is just as important as what we deliver to our customers

What Current Program Participants Think

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Jorge Pont

“I have been working on the cloud platform Enterprise Landing Zone (ELZ) team. As someone with a cybersecurity background, I have primarily been working on stories that revolve around security and access management. I can both gain understanding and provide deliverables through independent research and by asking questions to more senior team members, who are great at pointing me in the right direction.”

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Samuel Brooks

“I really like being able to learn new skills and refine the skills that I already possess. I also think it will be interesting to take what I have learned in the first rotation and use it in my other rotations.”

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Brittany Robinson

“So far, everything has been great. Everyone has been extremely welcoming and always willing to help if needed. I am only a month into the job, and I have already learned so much and feel comfortable in the role I am working in. Also, I have really enjoyed having peers in the program that to chat with and check in with outside of my work team.”